First Steps - Enquiries

Contact Helen on 01392 479330
or email

Give details of :
  1. The case type (criminal, personal injury, PTSD etc)
  2. The number of pages of documentation to be read (to the nearest 100)
  3. The funding source e.g. private or LAA funded
  4. ​​​​​​​The consulting venue to be used: Plymouth or Exeter, a home visit, solicitor's offices, hospital or HMP

Next steps - Instructions

Helen will provide a full quote outlining preparation time (100 pages of reading per hour), interview time, discussion with other professionals (if appropriate ) and report writing - usually within 1-2 days.

On instruction, we seek to see the client within 2-3 weeks of receipt of full instructions and all the required documentation.

In order to complete a report we require copies of the following documentation prior to examination:

  1. Clear instructions and any specific questions
  2. General Practitioner's medical records
  3. Reports completed by psychiatrists, psychologists or counsellors seen by the client prior to this appointment
  4. Copies of any witness statements

On receipt of contact details of the client, telephone number, postal address and email address, we contact the client (usually by phone in the first instance to speed up the process) and agree the appointment time.

We confirm in writing - usually by email with details of the procedures, information about the appointment and directions, if appropriate, to the consulting rooms. We send a copy of the appointment details to the solicitors/agency as required.

We arrange prison visits through Legal Visits, where required.

Typically appointments available 2 weeks after instruction. We submit reports 3-4 weeks after meeting the client - unless otherwise agreed.


We operate a transparent fee policy:

Invoices are broken down into: preparation, interview, report writing and discussion with other professionals (if required).

Fees per consultant hour are: £150

Travel is charged at 45p per mile and £40 per hour travelling time.

Blood testing and hair sampling - at cost

Attendance at court : £1050 per day, £600 per half day plus travel and overnight accommodation as required.

All fees are exclusive of VAT.

Terms and conditions:

Payment to be made 30 days from submission of report or 90 days if LAA funded. 365 days credit can be offered for the rate of £190 per consultant hour. Please state requirements at instruction.

The organisation instructing us shall be liable for our fees, whether or not recovery from their client/the defendant has been achieved

Unpaid fees will attract interest- terms and conditions of payment are submitted with the quote.

Issuing of instructions will assume agreements to our terms and conditions unless otherwise stated.

Cancellations within 24 hours of appointments will be charged at full rate.